Prices on all the things. 

For events, commercial, or editorial shoots email me for info. And I’d like to hear more about what you want. 

Headshots $200

I have places that we can do this. Or maybe you have a place. We can figure it out. Easy peasy.

Weddings start at $3,000

I would love to shoot your wedding!!! $3,000 is for me to shoot your wedding for 8 hours. You know if you want less time it will be less money. More time-more money. You get the idea. How about a second shooter? That’s fun. Let’s talk.

oh and I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. If I shot your first wedding & you’re considering me shooting your second wedding. 50% off. Cause you know what I say. The more weddings—the more livin’ you’ve been doing.

Family sessions! 

The happy family hour session. $400
This is 1 hour of photos either at your house or a park. Mostly you will smile. Sometimes you won’t. I love to shoot the in between moments while you are smiling & not smiling. There are a lot of examples of this session in my families gallery.
You will get about 40-50 edited high res images.

Family documentary sessions.
This is new to me. And I’m really stoked about it. I love regular people doing regular things. I love capturing regular in a creative way. These are the moments that looking back will really be special. You know—I hope. Some ideas would be the morning routine or the going to bed routine. How about the whole family making a meal together. If you do that. Do families really do that? I’ll find out I suppose. A family walk, the sprinkler, a dance party, or you happen to be writing that last email & your baby is sitting by your feel. Like what is happening to me right now. 25-35 edited high res images per hour.
Let me know if you will go on a bike ride. I’ll bring my bike and bike along and take photos. and not crash. fingers crossed.

3 hour documentary session. $500
5 hour documentary session. $800
7 hour documentary session. $1000

Hey how about a baby session?? I didn’t really think I wanted to do these sessions until I had a baby. Now I get it. I will do more of a lifestyle session. I’m not so good at putting your baby in the basket type of photos. If you want that let me know and I’ll recommend someone! Everybody should get the type of photos they want.

4 baby sessions :: $1200
Let’s do that thing where I take photos at the newborn time, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year!
Each session is about 1 hour. The focus is the baby but the rest of the family will be in the photos. I come to your house. About 25-50 edited high res images after each shoot.

1 baby session :: $400
The focus is the baby but the rest of the family will be in the photos. I come to your house. About 30-50 edited high res images.

**you know if any of this is confusing tell me and I will reword it!

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