Prices on all the things. 

In home session

4 hours (or longer) 


More info below. 

This is my absolute  favorite type of session. 

The prices will go up on this this type of session in 2022. Book now for this price. 

Family photos


1 hour 

mostly smile at the camera and getting some of the in between moments also. 

Photo can be at a park or your backyard. Do you have a different location idea? let me know. 

$100 additional for extended family 

Senior photo 

$500 for 1 location 

$600 for 2 locations. 

This session is about 1-2 hours depending on your kid. Let's talk about what kind of kid you have and make the session work for everyone. 

Cat photos. 


ok so I really had one more column to fill and I can't think of a specific type of photos I do besides these other 3. But I do really love cats. I have never had a cat photo scheduled that worked out beautifully. I've taken good photos of cats but that wasn't the plan of the family. I would be more than delighted if you booked a cat photo. I will watch your cat hide from me for an hour while I try to get a good photo. 

For events, commercial, or editorial shoots email me for info. And I’d like to hear more about what you want. 

Headshots $200

I have places that we can do this. Or maybe you have a place. We can figure it out. Easy peasy.

Weddings start at $3,500

I would love to shoot your wedding!!! $3,500 for me to shoot your wedding for 8 hours. You know if you want less time it will be less money. More time-more money. You get the idea. How about a second shooter? That’s fun. Let’s talk.

oh and I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. If I shot your first wedding & you’re considering me shooting your second wedding. 50% off. Cause you know what I say. The more weddings—the more livin’ you’ve been doing.

Everyday Family Photography


In home real life family photos. No poses. Just you and your family being you. Do the things you normally do. The only thing is that I will be there taking photos. I feel like one of my biggest concerns (you know cause I’m a regular person) about doing this type of family photo would be “is the photographer going to be lurking in a corner in our house? will it be weird?” I’ll tell you what. I’m normal weird. But mostly pretty normal.  I will talk to you. I will also probably lurk. I like people so having regular conversation sounds great to me. If there is a big moment happening and your husband is telling me about Yellowstone park I might say nicely , “oh this is good—i’ll be right back to this conversation.” I do think I’d rather hear about Arches National Park. I’ll tell your husband that. 

You can plan some things for your family to do. They should be things you normally do. You don’t have to plan anything. I was trying to figure out a catchy way to say I’m not taking family photos unless someone has their phone out. I really love real life. It’s probably my favorite thing to do. And I really want to take photos of it. 

The session is 4 hours. Think that’s too long or not long enough? Let’s talk! We can phone talk or email talk. And let’s be real….I don’t want to talk on the phone all day either. We’ll talk for 30-45 min. I want to hear about your family. 

We don’t need to be at your house the whole time—if you want to go some where I’m down. You can even do an outfit change. I’m very easy really. I just don’t think my heart can take trying to get a 2 year old to smile on command for 45 minutes. But if you play that cute game with her that makes her smile I would love love love to take photos of it. I think you get the idea. Let me come over and take photos. I can’t wait. For real. I’m so excited about this. 

I just started these sessions in 2020. I have been shooting weddings for like 15 years—which I think is mostly documentary. Photoing what is for real happening. I have been doing family photos for about as long and during the smile at the camera session I would spend most of the time trying to get the little moments in between the poses. That is how I knew I needed to do family documentary sessions. Those are the moments I love. And how fun for you to get those type of photos! I don’t want you to be perfect. Perfect is boring. I want eye rolls and nose picks. Hooray! 

Email me to set up a session. If you want to talk on the phone we can schedule a time. I quit answering my phone—too many robots. 

love, sv

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