About Me

HI! I'm Sharon, the photographer. I have one husband, one cat, and one kid. She's 6 right now.  I love love love the balance of my life. I love shooting editorials, headshots, weddings, events, and families. I can tell you I do not want to shoot headshots all day everyday and I don't want to shoot a wedding every weekend of the year. I love the variety. That's what is it. I learned this from all those personality quizzes I take on the internet. Damn, I love those quizzes.  The balance makes my heart happy. I enjoy meeting all the people in the world I am happy to come home and listen to all the podcasts.  

I love to hear what the people have to say. I love a wild card person or moment.  I live on the railroad tracks and work on my computer by the window a lot. I love watching the track walkers. You know--little things like that really make me happy. (Updating) Ok--I don't live on the tracks anymore but I sure did enjoy it. 

Life is good. I'm ready. 

**talk to copy writer friend. I use the word love to much. I have passion man. also probably weird I talk about the railroad tracks. keep that?? heather are you reading this???


Email me! sv@svheartphotography.com

608-354-3482 you should text me. I sometimes pick up my phone. & sometimes not. 

I always pick up my banana phone. Try me there. 

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